A Crash Course In Bassett Leather

Leather is soft and durable, and more affordable than you think. Leather warms up a room and works with a variety of styles. Plus one great piece is all you need! It's important to have all the right information before you purchase your leather furnishings. Here's your crash course on everything you need to know about Bassett Leather!

Leather Types

Which one is right for you?
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Why Dave Knows That Summer Classics Is One Of The Best


Fifty-eight years ago my family opened our doors as Jacobs' Upholstery. We made a lot of people happy by refurbishing and recreating their favorite pieces. But I felt that something was missing. My motto for Jacobs has always been "We aren't trying to sell you a sofa, chair, or table, we are trying to provide you with the best tools possible to have a memorable, happy lifestyle." And where are memories centered around? Furniture! And that includes outdoor furniture! Thus began my quest to bring to the Inland Northwest the very best quality patio furniture for the very best value. I have taken it upon myself to do all the research for you. I ask the important questions. And because I do, Jacobs Custom Living now offers the finest indoor and outdoor furnishings, responsibly sourced for stainability, durability and variety. 

Is your patio ready for Spring?!

Spring is on it's way and we are kicking it off with Summer Classics Season KickOff Sale! As I said, I ask all the important question so that you can remain confident that the product we offer is BEST! I have asked Summer Classics all those questions. And they have been Jacobs approved! We have showcased Summer Classics in our showroom since we began offering patio furniture eleven years ago. In my opinion they are one of the BEST!

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Dave's Thoughts on the 2016 presidential election

If you are reading this then we probably just survived the 2016 Presidential Election Process. It was intense. It seemed to have shaken our foundation. But you know what?

We are going to be okay.

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